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Solaris bioreactors from bench scale to full scale production

Solaris complete line of bioreactors offers undoubtedly the best value in terms of quality, capability, flexibility and price, on the market

Benchtop Systems

All benchtop / Lab scale bioreactors come with the following benefits and more…

  • Parallel process control for up to 24 bioreactors. Excellent for setting up DOE
  • Solaris provides a full range of glass vessels, stainless steel fermenters, photobioreactors, and single use bioreactors ranging 200 ml to 20 L.
  • Batch, Fed batch or continuous processes 
  • Easily set up gas mixing strategies with up to 5 thermal mass flow controllers
  • Powerful / Accurate brushless motor, from 1 to 2000 RPM. Online absorbed Torques (Nm) and Power (W) measurements obtaining an indirect density indication of the culture broth
  • LEDA safe sterile sampling system. The needle free connector is designed to reduce the risk of contamination during sampling.
  • Compact and modular PCS with a wide range of digital/analog sensor inputs: pH, dO2, level, foam, weight, etc
  • Digital sensors (pH, dO2, ORP, conductivity, Total Cell Density, Viable Cell Density) store and transmit all relevant sensor data, including calibration & diagnostic information, directly to Solaris Leonardo software.

Smart controller in a Super compact size (35 x 35 x 35 cm)

  • Ability to stack cabinets or place side-by-side which saves valuable bench space
  • Sliding PLC panel makes it easier to access during service and after sales assistance
  • PLC based systems with simple, durable and cost-effective Modbus communication, quicker acquisition, and minimal communication errors
  • Remote connection with Ethernet port makes it possible to operate from your desk

Leonardo user-friendly software

  • User-friendly software, yet powerful for more complex experimental design & process control strategies 
  • Extracted data is compatible with Window Excel, however fermentation data can also be easily exported in real time.   
  • Allows intuitive and time-saving parallel operations. Up to 24 independent fermentations / cultivations can be carried out simultaneously.
  • Can can be installed on an unlimited number of external PC or laptops.
  • Remote control via PC, tablet and smartphone for process management and after sale assistance

LEMO1 (PCS) Process Control System

LEONARDO 3.0 user-friendly (PCS) software

Pilot and Industrial Systems

Solaris also offers a full range of pilot and Industrial bioreactors / fermenters from 30L to 20,000L and beyond

  • Solaris’ pilot and industrial scale fermenters and bioreactors have been designed to simplify scale-up related challenges.    
  • “Standard” systems can be tailored via a multitude of components and ancillary equipment options.
  • Systems are designed for in situ sterilization and can be automatically managed through the controlling software.  
  • Full cGMP validation and supporting documentation packages are available and specified per each application’s regulatory needs.
  • Systems are configurable for each application and organism and offer continuity from smaller scale platforms.

Solaris also specializes in fully customized systems, built to work within a broad range of applications.

  • Customized vessel designs, associated skids, impeller configurations, communication and connectivity protocols, etc. are available.

Customizable Sterilizable in Place Solutions

Solaris welcomes projects requiring customization for specific process requirements. Capabilities in scale up to 30,000 L + allows consistent optimization to vessel, agitation, aeration, etc. at various scales within process development.

Bioreactor Accessories

Solaris offers a complete range of accessories to best support your bioreactor / fermenter needs:

Metis Gas Analyzer

Online CO2 and O2 off-gas monitoring. The system is capable of up to 8 inputs or off-gas channels

Lauda Microcool benchtop chiller

Configured for single or multiple vessel usage enabling optimal vessel thermoregulation.

Hamilton Process Sensors utilizing ARC digital online sensor communication

Hamilton sensors have been digitally integrated to the Solaris PCS and Leonardo controlling software giving the user many benefits over traditional analog sensor outputs, such as:

  • More robust communication protocol not susceptible to noise.
  • Sensor diagnostic & health information available within controlling software.
  • Calibration time greatly reduced & simplified through parallel calibrations & batch calibrations - only possible with digital "smart" sensors.
  • Real time sensor warnings/errors which can help eliminate lost batches due to probes fouling mid-run.

Leda Sampling System

  • LEDA single use sterile sampling system enables up to 180 sterile samples per run.  
  • The needle free connector is designed to reduce the risk of contamination during sampling.

Mobile pH controller/dO2 measurement

Can be connected on different types of tanks, flasks, reactors, etc. 

  • PCS.
  • Touch screen HMI with controlling software.o  
  • 2 WM114 Peristaltic Pumps for base/acid addition.
  • Reusable & sterilizable Hamilton ARC pH sensor with digital communication.
  • Reusable & sterilizable optical Hamilton ARC DO2 sensor with digital communication.

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) Systems

Kronos benchtop, standalone, fully automatic Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) system

  • Kronos offers up to 0.5 m2 total filtration area & utilizes state of the art components.
  • Fully configurable automation platform enabling customizable automatic process sequences.
  • Kronos can be configured to meet many process requirements applicable in a wide range of applications including batch and fed batch ultrafiltration, microfiltration and diafiltration processes.
  • Kronos is a perfect tool for product development and/or small-scale production.
  • The system presents an industrial design on a very compact benchtop platform. This allows a more accurate & continuous transition to scale-up systems, aiding in better understanding of TMP-Flux optimization.
  • The Galileo controlling software also offers a Process Development Module that automatically generates TMP vs. Flux curves from the sequencing of user defined TMP & feed flow rate set points, bringing further automation to optimization studies.

Tyan Pilot & Industrial Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

The Tytan Pilot & Industrial tangential flow filtration systems are tailored to each application by utilizing the optimal materials, flow path dimensions, controlling parameters, & components for that process.

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