NEW CellCountPro Fully Automated Cell Counter

Unique benefits never seen in cell counting technology

  • NEW optimized sample handling technology and cleaning procedures
  • Less shear stress to the cells
  • Less maintenance
  • Minimize chamber clogging, cross contamination & counting inconsistencies
  • Less sample volume – Approximately 100µl
  • Faster measuring time – Less than 3 minutes
  • Automatic dilution Re-run option (for deviations from standard values and/or duplicate measurements)
  • All-in-one sealed 24 well plate format complete with all necessary liquids
  • New image recognition – highest precision images in the market
  • Audit trail / Bar coding / Full electronic documentation for each measurement

All-in-one Solution Tray

All-in-one solution tray with all necessary liquids submitted and sealed:  Trypan blue dye, PBS for dilution and Isopropanol for cleaning. No contact nor crystallization with trypan blue, dye. Enables higher reproducibility and stability. 

What’s more,every tray is equipped with an RFID code tracking the lot and shelf life. Relevant information such as remaining free sample ports and measurement results of already used ports is updated in the RFID code.

Photometric Biochemistry Analyzers

Fast, accurate upstream process monitoring where space is limited, and flexibility is required

  • Based on highly reliable photometric method
  • Three systems to choose from based on throughput 
  • Maintenance-free system utilizing membrane-free technology
  • Easy-to-use – Run hundreds of measurements without needing to calibrate or replace membranes
  • Low sample volumes / Pre-or-Post auto-dilution function / CFR Part 11 compliance
  • 20+ Assays available including IgG and protein / Measure only the assays of interest at any time
  • MUCH lower cost and maintenance

Three systems to choose from based on throughput

4Bio Reagents

4Biocell Certified Beads for Automated Cell Counters

With many years of experience in the field of cell counting, we offer our own line of certified particle solutions for the system suitability tests for most cell counting systems on the market based on image recognition.

Benefits of the 4Biocell Particle Solutions:

  • Optimized liquid volume and composition
  • Reduced foam formulation
  • Individual certificate per bottle
  • Long stability (expiration date at least 2 years from manufacturing date)
  • Suspensions of beads with cell-like optical characteristics
  • Tools for system suitability test in your cell counting system based on image recognition
  • High accuracy of bottle value
  • Applicable to most systems on the market, such as: Cedex, Cedex HiRes, BioProfile FLEX and Vi-CELL
  • Can be used according to the standard operating procedures of the instrument supplier
  • Batch certified standards with certificate of analysis
  • Designed and produced to follow cGMP guidelines
  • Compliant with international QA regulations

Certified Beads Include:

LinSta – Linearity Standard for System Suitability Test

“Verification of linearity in calibration curves”

Certified control suspensions of mono dispersal polystyrene beads

Nominal concentration: 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, 7.5 x 106 beads/ml

Particle dimensions: 4-17 µm

Content: 20 ml

ConSta – Particle Concentration Standard

“Verification of concentration accuracy”

Certified suspension of mono dispersal polystyrene beads

Nominal concentration: 1.0 x 106 beads/ml

Particle dimensions: 10 µm

Content: 6.5 ml

FocSta – For Automated Focus Adjustment

“Certified particle suspension for the automated adjustment of optical components”

Nominal concentration: 2.5 x 106 beads/ml

Particle dimensions: 7.4 µm

Content: 6.0 ml

ViaSta – For Viability Check (100%, 80%, 60%, 30%)

“Check the viability of your cell counting system based on image recognition”

Batch certified viability standard with various optical levels

Optical Viability Level: 100%, 80%, 60%, 30%

Particle dimensions: 7-14 µm

Content: 10 ml


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