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Online Protein Analysis

Tridex is the fastest, simplest solution for protein titer measurement.

This compact, purpose-built system provides antibody titer measurements quickly so you can make critical decisions in real time.

  • Novel device enables direct measurement of antibody titers up to 10 g/L in real time without any sample manipulations
  • Comparable with off-line measurements using other methods such as HPLC
  • Sample results in less than 5 minutes
  • Measurement range has been proven from 0.1 to 10 g/L without sample dilution or recalibration
  • Streamlined operation for ease of use with no chromatography expertise required
  • Instrument can be connected to on-line sampling systems for real-time measurements
  • Sample flow path is completely contained in a disposable module
  • No need for timely method development or specialized training
  • Convenient plug-and-play consumables designed to last for 1,000 measurements

Titer Measurements in Four Easy Steps

Enter Information

Select a calibration curve and enter your sample information via an intuitive interface.

Load Sample

Load your sample through injection port.

Start Analysis

Simply press "Run Sample" via the interface to start your analysis.

Results in Five Minutes

Sample-to-answer in five minutes

See How Tridex Compares to HPLC

Be confident in your titer measurements with Tridex, which delivers protein titer concentration that correlates to off-line measurements across an extraordinary dynamic range.


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